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❾❂: Rilakkuma Nails

Happy Saturday! Special thanks to Joleen who helped collect my nail stickers Ying got for me when she’s in Hong Kong, love both of them to bits! ❤ Added a few more designs to my… Continue reading

❽❼: Stripes & Laces

Madeline broke 3 of her nails just before her appointment and requested for them to be extended, but all of her nails were quite short so she decided to get extensions on all… Continue reading

❼❼: Pink Infatuation

Did a series of Pink nails lately hence the combination of the below! 1. Stripes and lace Kelly wanted something lacey, so she chose from 2 of my designs and had them combined… Continue reading

❼❶: Bowtie Nails Yet Again

Previously I did this similar set of nail art, but all art was hand drawn 2D nail art. Recently I decided I didn’t want to do so much freehand anymore bcos’ I suck… Continue reading

❸❷: Yummeh Candycane nails!

Yay another X’mas set nails 😀 Ching wanted candycane nails so I did it in green and red for her! These colours match so well even before the candy cane 😀 These 2… Continue reading