❻❽: My guinea pigs

In PinkRoom, all students have to attend self-study lessons to be eligible for the exam. The purpose is to make sure that we have sufficient practice beforehand so as to not flunk the final exam lol. We’re allowed to bring our own nail models to practice whatever you want, so we did extensions for our models on our past 3 self-study lessons (:

The below are all sculpture extensions as that’s still our weakest topic! For ladies who’re unclear about extensions, read about the different types of extensions here.

1. Gel extensions on Valerie – traditional hard gel (meaning it cannot be soaked off) Right hand done by me and left hand by PS.

2. Acrylic extensions on Ching – soak off acrylic. Right hand by me and left hand by my classmate Piya. In case you’re wondering, everything was done using monomer and powder including sculpturing of french and smile line. Not easy at all! We had to be fast enough while doing the sculpture so that the acrylic wouldn’t dry up before forming the shape. After that we have to file the nails to create the c-curve and all.. Sigh -_-

Also did a lil’ flower for her, my new obsession hahaha.

3.. Acrylic extensions on Joann – soak off acrylic. Also did the same thing for Joann but we did one tone sculpture instead. Again, right hand done by me and left done by PS. Absolutely loving the pink hue of this clear powder from Harmony. So shimmery and girly (: Told you I’m playing around with embossed flowers lately hahaha.

We still need to clock a few more self-study lessons, feel free to contact us @ 97126428 if you would like to get free extensions! However please note that we will not be liable if the results do not meet your expectations as this is a practice! No choice of gel or acrylic, will be decided by us. No choice of manicurist. Removal is also not included. Thank you (: